Oasis is a community space on Connaught Avenue.
It is next to Frinton Free Church, a large art deco building and it is the church that owns and runs Oasis. It is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday 09.30 to midday as a cafe. 
At other times various church and community groups use the space, from a Dementia Cafe, to well-being sessions to book launches, kid’s club and a Café Church on Sunday afternoons. 
During an average week several hundred people pass through the building. Exhibitions have been running as Art:Oasis for several years now. They are organised by Frinton based artist Simon Carter. 
Simon has a studio in Frinton and is President of Colchester Art Society. His work is represented by Messum’s, a gallery in London’s West End. 
The Free Church gives Simon the support and the freedom to curate a wide-ranging programme of exhibitions from painting and printmaking, to photography, collage and school’s work.
Exhibitions, organised under the name The Art of Frinton, change every six weeks and updates and deals can be found on Instagram or Facebook.

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