elite magazine has been published since February 2003, it is a handy A5 quality full colour general interest consumer monthly magazine and as of April 2020 was taken over by Colchester Design and Marketing Agency Creative Fabrik.
We deliver 15,000 door-to-door into the CO Postcode with our own delivery team... ranging from parts of #Halstead, #ColneEngaine, #Kelvedon, #Feering, #MarksTey, #Tollgate, through areas of #Colchester to #Dedham, #Manningtree, #Ardleigh, #StokeByNayland, #StratfordStMary right out to #Frinton, #KirbyLeSoken, #Brightlingsea and #Clacton. As new areas and estates come on line we look to get delivery into these once we have completed our in-house research.
We target affluent, 2 car families with a disposable income and have been doing this successfully for the last 18 years.
You could supply your own artwork for your advert or in partnership with Creative Fabrik we can design one for you, for your approval, at no cost if you were to promote your Company in our publication and you will get to advertise online too through our social media channels.
We offer you the largest circulation quality single magazine having free distribution in the area.  
One of our strengths is that we carefully target the distribution of our magazine.
Some of our client have been with us for a while...
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