In the middle of the second lockdown, Harry Cowling, 20, was getting headaches so decided to go to the optician thinking he would need glasses. To his shock, he was sent straight to hospital and had to undergo a nine-hour craniotomy to remove a tumour they had found.
Although the operation was largely successful, the incredible doctors and nurses at the UCLH Hospital were unable to fully remove the tumour. So now Harry is embarking on a four-month long chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment plan.
Harry’s shock cancer diagnosis stunned his friends and colleagues. So now his Essex friends have got together to show their support. Their plan has already raised over £20,000 for The Brain Tumour Charity in less than two weeks. “As we watched his health deteriorate, we were incredibly moved by his resilience and strength”.
Harry’s friends and some colleagues have signed up to do the 3 Peaks Challenge on 15th June 2021, this challenge consists of climbing up Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scafell Pike, all in twenty-four hours. Harry’s company directors were planning on doing this challenge for Haven house with a couple of other friends, including Greg Shepherd as he is an ambassador for them.
So far we have had great support from influencers, celebrities and businesses who have all been a great help in promoting and raising awareness.
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