Diego Maradona
13 July 2019 2pm. 
‘Half man, half god’ Diego Maradona was one of football’s true geniuses. From an Argentinian shanty town, his talents commanded record fees and international glory.
In this inspired documentary portrait from Asif Kapadia (Amy, Senna), we follow him as he arrives at Naples in 1984, leading the club to their first ever title. But this success was the eye of the storm: Maradona’s time in Naples was seven years of tumultuous chaos and jagged alliances.
Using more than 500 hours of unseen footage from Maradona’s archive, this is another gripping story of an exceptional and complex person from the Oscar and BAFTA winning documentary team.
Kind Hearts and Coronets
13 July 2019 4:30pm
One of the finest British films ever made, this black comic masterpiece is a hilarious study in the gentle art of murder. Alec Guinness famously takes on eight different roles in the story of an ambitious young man who plots to secure a family fortune by creatively dispatching those ahead of him in the line of succession. One of the sharpest and subtlest comedies to come out of Ealing Studios, and arguably the greatest film it produced.
“Quintessential British comedy” – Empire Magazine
Pavarotti + Live satellite Q&A
13 July 2019 6:50pm
From the team behind the worldwide success The Beatles: Eight Days a Week comes two-time Academy Award® winning director Ron Howard’s documentary celebrating the life of the beloved opera star Luciano Pavarotti, who sold over 100 million records in his lifetime. The 1990 World Cup in Italy was the moment opera left the elite and hit the masses. Opera star Pavarotti joined fellow tenors Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras onstage in Rome watched by 1.4 billion worldwide. Their powerful rendition of ‘Nessun Dorma’ lives on as one of the most popular and famous pieces of music the world has ever heard, and Pavarotti realised his long-held dream of bringing opera into the mainstream. Ron Howard takes an intimate approach in telling Pavarotti’s story, going beyond the iconic public figure to reveal the man himself.
Thanks to a partnership with Decca Records and unique access to the Pavarotti family archives, home videos, behind the scenes and extensive live music footage, we see Pavarotti’s personal story emerge: from his humble beginnings in Northern Italy through to global superstardom. We travel the world with Pavarotti. We get to know the great tenor as a husband and a father, a committed philanthropist, as well as a fragile artist who had a complex relationship with his own unique talents and unprecedented success.
PAVAROTTI will include the latest Dolby Atmos audio technology, allowing theatrical audiences to experience the late Pavarotti’s extraordinary voice once more in a unique and spine-tingling way.
This live event will also include exclusive content remixed in Dolby Atmos which will not be included in the main theatrical release.
The Italian Job
14 July 2019 1:15pm
The quintessential British caper film of the 1960s, The Italian Job is a flashy, fast romp that chases a team of career criminals throughout one of the biggest international gold heists in history. Michael Caine is Charlie Croker, a stylish robber and skirt-chaser just out of British prison.
Shunning rehabilitation for recidivism, Croker takes over “The Italian Job,” a complicated plan to hijack gold bullion from Italy — right from underneath the noses of the Italian Police and the Mafia. The job, whose original mastermind was murdered, clearly requires the sponsorship of a richer, more established criminal than Croker. He turns to the auspices of the eccentric Mr. Bridger (Noël Coward in his last film role), a suave, regal, incarcerated English crime boss with a peculiar fascination with the Queen.
Bridger provides Croker with a quirky group of Britain’s most infamous computer hackers (including a lascivious Benny Hill), bank robbers, hijackers, and getaway drivers — the ex-con is soon well on his way to relieving Italy of the gold.
Glyndebourne | The Barber of Seville
14 July 2019 5:30pm
15 July 2019 7:30pm
Films & Screenings
16 July 2019 7:30pm
Films & Screenings
Apollo 11
19 July 2019 6pm. More times.
Events, Exhibitions
Summer Exhibitions 2019: Opening Celebration
19 July 2019 6pm - 8pm
Films & Screenings
Support the Girls
19 July 2019 8pm. More times.
Mark Titchner: Some questions about us
20 - 31 July 2019 10am - 5pm. More times.
Lilah Fowler: Code Clay, Data Dirt
20 - 31 July 2019 10am - 5pm. More times.
Siobhan Coen: Unknown Knowns
20 - 31 July 2019 10am - 5pm. More times.
Children & Families, Films & Screenings
£6 Family Film: Toy Story 4
20 July 2019 11am. More times.
Films & Screenings
Yuli: The Carlos Acosta Story
20 July 2019 3pm
Films & Screenings
We the Animals
20 July 2019 5:30pm. More times.
Films & Screenings
22 July 2019 7:30pm
Films & Screenings
Marianne & Leonard
23 July 2019 7:30pm
Autism Friendly, Children & Families, Films & Screenings
Autism Friendly: Toy Story 4
25 July 2019 11am
Films & Screenings
NT Live | The Lehman Trilogy
25 July 2019 6:50pm
Children & Families, Films & Screenings
£6 Family Film: The Secret Life of Pets 2
26 July 2019 10:15am. More times.
Films & Screenings, Hard of Hearing Screenings
Subtitled Screening: Yesterday
26 July 2019 5pm
Films & Screenings
In Fabric
26 July 2019 7:30pm. More times.
Autism Friendly, Children & Families, Films & Screenings
Autism Friendly: Secret Life Of Pets 2
27 July 2019 10:15am
Films & Screenings
27 July 2019 5:30pm. More times.
Films & Screenings
Don’t Look Now
27 July 2019 8pm
Films & Screenings
Never Look Away
29 July 2019 7pm
Films & Screenings
Glyndebourne | The Magic Flute (Live)
4 August 2019 5:30pm
Community, Events
Colchester Record Fair
10 August 2019 10am - 4pm. More times.
Films & Screenings
NT Live | The Lehman Trilogy (encore)
12 August 2019 2pm
Films & Screenings
Cinema Live: Rigoletto On The Lake
17 September 2019 6:30pm
Films & Screenings
NT Live | One Man, Two Guvnors (encore)
26 September 2019 7pm. More times.
Films & Screenings
Wise Children
3 October 2019 7:30pm. More times.
Films & Screenings
NT Live: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
17 October 2019 7pm
Films & Screenings
NT Live: Hansard
7 November 2019 7pm

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