The team at Garolla combine high-quality products and decades of experience to produce electric garage doors that are industry leading.
One of their main benefits is that you can design your own garage door by using our online garage door designer. Allowing you to create a unique garage door for your home, you simply have to choose the size and colour that you desire.
What is included in your purchase?
A Garolla Garage Door
A Professional Installation Service
Two Remote Controls
A Comprehensive Guarantee
All Prices Include VAT
With each order you will receive a quote for your made-to-measure garage door that is GUARANTEED for 30 days. At Garolla, the price you are quoted is the price you pay. We don’t believe in having any hidden extras!
Our Fitted Service
They has a unique fitting service that is tailored towards our customers individual needs. We have no need for salesmen. Instead, when our local installers conduct a survey, they will confirm the price with you there and then, before your order is placed. At your survey, we will also confirm a fitting date with you.
On the installation day, whilst removing and installing your new Garolla garage door, your fitter will tidy up after themselves along the way.
Please call the team at Garolla on 0800 468 1982 or have a look at them online:

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