Home Kitchen Colchester is ready to shake up dining at home options for locals with Fresh, Nutritious Food Delivery Service and Unpackaged Refillery in Colchester.
Dine-in options will include sweet and savoury brunches such as maple banana and cashew butter chia toast, hearty meals and super salads such as Crispy Hoisin Pulled Rainbow Salad, with plenty of plant-based options.
The spring menu options will be delivered direct from Home Kitchen Colchester, a conscious business which as well as offering fresh cuisine, will house an unpackaged refillery to take sustainable household shopping to the next level, following a hugely successful launch of the first Home Kitchen shop in Lavenham.
Located on Crouch street, Home Kitchen Colchester will house the following departs: 
Fresh Kitchen - a seasonal choice of meals, snacks, desserts (even a hidden veg sticky toffee pudding), freshly pressed (70%) vegetable and fruit juices, real protein shakes and hot beverages, available to buy in store or delivery (via just eat) 
Frozen Pantry - a selection of gluten-free and dairy-free meals, ready to enjoy at home.
The Refillery -  pantry staples including freshly pressed nut milks and butters, dried fruits, pulses, rice,  cereals,  pasta, flours, spices, herbs, sugars, oils and vinegars. 
Loose leaf teas and freshly ground coffee - including  family recipe blends. 
Efficient Homewares - from the best knife sharpener to the beloved wooden spoon. 
Self Care -  including natural make-up, gentlemen’s razors and toiletries.
Nature’s Pharmacy - natural remedies to help anything from toothache to toe care. 
Utility Room - including refillable cleaning solutions and Pinterest-worthy bottles. 
Garden and Pet’s Corner - including Harrington’s complete nutrition, dairy-free, natural dry food and this season’s sowing vegetable seeds and garden essentials. 
The Library - a selection of books to encourage  sustainability, gardening and children’s environmental awareness. 
Behind the Home Kitchen brand is husband and wife team Charlotte and Tom Springett. On launching Home Kitchen Colchester, Charlotte says: “We are thrilled to be bringing the Home Kitchen magic to Colchester with the addition of the home delivery dining service. Taking inspiration from our timeless family recipes, current family favourites, customer-inspired dishes and a desire to create nutritious flare with full on flavour, the Fresh Kitchen department was created. Our desire for sustainability shines through everything we do from the food we carefully source and serve, to everything we  select to retail in our shop. Our aim is  to put the pride and inspiration back into our pantry and everyday living. We aren’t hoping for a handful of people doing ‘zero-waste’ perfectly. We need lots of people doing it imperfectly to make a real difference.”
For more information please visit www.homekitcheneco.com or find us on social media via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter - @homekitcheneco

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