Helen Rollason Cancer Charity are pleased to announce the launch of their Men’s Social Group at their Mid Essex Support Centre in Hatfield Peverel. 
The sessions which will take place every first Thursday of the month from 10am to 12pm, are to encourage men and their peers to talk about going through the issues of either having cancer or being directly affected by cancer. 
Helen Rollason Cancer Charity Centre Coordinator Hazel Keane explains; “While men represent 51% of people diagnosed with cancer, we know they find it harder to talk about it. They might worry about how their diagnosis will affect loved ones, have questions about work, symptoms or even money worries.   We hear that a lot of our male clients feel under pressure to ‘man up’ and stuff your emotions down which means that men are missing out and aren’t asking for, or getting, the essential support they need from us. Our Social Group is an informal gathering in a confidential environment where men can share as much or as little as they want in a safe place and we will be here to provide information about our services. And with the added bonus of a tea/coffee and bacon sandwich – what’s stopping you!?”   
Helen Rollason Cancer Charity Trustee John Triston said; “Our first session has already proved popular and we have had some fantastic feedback… This has been great – I can talk to my partner/friends but they don’t and can’t understand exactly what I am going through – you guys can”. 
Following on from our first event, a small group of attendees have already been busy building a new gazebo donated to the charity by Sandra and Daz Liversidge, for the garden of our Mid Essex Support Centre in Hatfield Peverel A big thanks to Mark Cannon, Phil Morris, Ken Perry and Daz Liversidge (pictured above). 
Helen Rollason Cancer Charity CEO Kate Alden added; “We are seeing an increasing number of men using our services which is fantastic news but we know we can do more! That’s why we have set up our Social Group to help support men either facing cancer or looking after someone who has been diagnosed.  Sometimes it is easier to talk with someone you do not know. You may feel less pressure to act a certain way. You may also feel safe knowing that they will not share the conversation with your friends or family. So why not join us on the first Thursday of every month from10am to 12pm at our Mid Essex Support Centre, Hatfield Peverel where you will be warmly greeted by our staff and volunteers”
For more information please visit our website or call our Helen Rollason Cancer Charity Mid Essex Support Centre on 01245 382888.

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