Here is your chance and for a really reasonable cost, the homepage of the elite magazine has five spaces for you to be this months "Local Featured Business"
Its your chance to be seen by the people you are trying to target, for £25 a month you will get your Brand on the home page with your Brand colours, a click through to a page all about you and this is your chance to shine, sell yourself and your services, use links to your website and to social media and make sure you get a nice strong Call To Action in place.... all for £25 a month....
Have a look at Creative Fabrik Local Featured Business page this month.
Not only that but you will also become the focus of our Social Media work for the month you are the Local Featured Business with your name front and centre.... exactly what you hoped would happen!
Please find in the form below and let's get you booked in for the next available month
Thank you! We will get back to you within one working day

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