A FOUNDATION will be able to help dozens of young people with cancer after a building society donated a huge £20,000.
Nationwide branches in north Essex and south Suffolk nominated to help the Tom Bowdidge Youth Cancer Foundation after co-founders Nikki and Richard Bowdidge appealed for help. The Foundation went through a rigorous vetting process before being given the thumbs up following a final meeting.
Julie Nurse, Branch Manager of Colchester Nationwide, said: “We all just had tears in our eyes after hearing Tom’s inspirational story. There was never any doubt in our mind afterwards that we wanted to help the Foundation. The local branch celebration, which was held virtually,  was only meant to be 20 minutes but we were so moved it lasted more than an hour. Ever since 2018, our Community Grants Programme offers financial support to those seeking to make a difference, those on the front lines of tackling housing issues that impact so many across the UK. The Tom Bowdidge Youth Cancer Foundation is a charity close to the hearts of many of our members, and has been helping young people with cancer keep a roof over their heads. With many charities struggling for funding in these times, it was a proud day working for Nationwide hearing the Foundation had been voted by our members to receive the £20,000 for their project. We cannot wait to get started and support the Foundation in any way we can.” 
All Community Grant applications must meet Nationwide’s eligibility criteria to become shortlisted. 
The Tom Bowdidge Youth Cancer Foundation will be able to help 160 people with mortgage and rent payments, as well as necessary household goods, thanks to Nationwide. 
Nikki Bowdidge, CEO of the Tom Bowdidge Youth Cancer Foundation, said: “I was just amazed by how enthusiastic the whole team at Nationwide were. “They absolutely got what we are trying to do and are completely behind Tom’s vision. We are thrilled to have such a brilliant bunch of people behind us. There are so many hidden costs of having cancer, especially at a time when young people and their families must take time off work for treatment. Sometimes, keeping a roof over their heads can feel impossible. “We cannot thank Nationwide enough.” 
The £20,000 Community Grant and support has come from Nationwide branches in Colchester, Dovercourt, Clacton, Sudbury and Frinton. 
To support the Tom Bowdidge Youth Cancer Foundation, go to www.tombowdidgefoundation.org

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