Many people have discovered the wisdom of being able to fix most of their funeral costs at today’s prices, no matter when they may actually need a funeral. 
Far from being a morbid thought, purchasing a pre-paid funeral plan leaves you free to make the most of life and enjoy the future. 
From 29th July 2022, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will take over the regulation of the sale of pre-paid funeral plans, further safeguarding the interests of consumers. FCA regulation will mean that every funeral plan provider will have been thoroughly vetted by a government sponsored body to ensure that your investment is safe. 
Funeral Directors who sell plans must also be FCA authorised intermediaries for the plan provider. Of course, many pre-paid funeral plan providers, like our own partners, Golden Charter, have been regulated on a voluntary basis for years, so if your plan is with them, nothing will change. 
How plans are sold in future will change very slightly. At the moment, any member of our team can sell you a pre-paid funeral plan, but from 29th July 2022, only a specially trained funeral plan adviser will be allowed to sell you a plan. 
You are still welcome to ask about a funeral plan in our branches, but if you think you might like to purchase one, we will make you a no-obligation appointment with our friendly funeral plan specialist. It’s a bit like meeting with a mortgage adviser when purchasing a property. 
With a funeral plan in place, when the time eventually comes, your loved ones will only need to find a small sum for the third-party fees which are beyond our control. 
Thanks to the plan, they’ll also have a clear record of your wishes. 
Sounds like a great idea? It is! 
Plan your funeral your way and receive a £100 discount on a pre-paid funeral plan from Hunnaball of Colchester
Email them at: give Sarah a call on: 01376 319811 or visit our website

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