A Manningtree entrepreneur is preparing for the national launch of RentMy - an online platform which will allow people to rent out their everyday items.
Billed as the “Airbnb of everything”, the platform will allow individuals across the country to advertise anything – from sports equipment to DIY tools, cookery equipment to clothing and furniture to wedding paraphernalia – to people in their area in exchange for a rental fee. 
Tom West, Founder & CEO of RentMy, is currently heading a pilot in Manningtree, where he runs the award-winning Red Lion pub. He is also landlord of the Marlborough Head in Dedham and The Nelson  in Ipswich. RentMy allows people to make money from the things they own, making old items profitable while others benefit from them – as well as helping the environment by reducing consumption. 
The hyper-local pilot taking place in the UK’s smallest town, Manningtree, which has been running since Spring 2021, has seen hundreds of people listing items, with everything from a pizza oven to a tipper trailer and even a remote-control sailing yacht being rented by people in the community. Tom said: “The concept of sharing is now becoming more widely accepted than ever before and is an essential part of the solution to tackling the climate crisis. RentMy gives users the opportunity to have a much-needed financial boost just by capitalising on the things they already own. 
“Those renting items have the chance not only to save money but also to try before they buy or to experience a new hobby such as canoeing or paddle-boarding but with out the initial expensive outlay. The additional environmental and social impact will be huge, bringing communities together while reducing carbon emissions.”
RentMy first funding bid recently opened with a very successful uptake of investment, this will see the platform rolled out region by region in 2022. The company is now set to become a key player in the growing sharing economy in the UK which empowers people to utilise existing resources and reduce waste. 
“While there are other rental marketplaces, they are either confined by category such as Airbnb which is focused on property and others have faced difficulties with trust and security,” said Tom. “Our owner guarantee allows owners to rent their items with confidence, knowing if a problem occurred and it wasn’t able to be resolved between the owner and the renter, RentMy would cover the losses.”
RentMy is now welcoming listings from people in Colchester, Ipswich and the surrounding areas. 
So sign up now and start making money from the things you own. The platform also gives renters the chance to rent anything, from anyone, anywhere. Want to try something new? It’s the place for you! So take a look in your shed, visit RentMy.com to sign up, and start listing your items today. 
There are three simple steps: 
Sign up & get verified 
List your items 
Make money from the things you own 
Not only could you see the pennies rolling in, you’ll be doing your part for the environment - because sharing resources rather than buying new leads to a smaller carbon footprint, fewer emissions and less landfill waste.
It’s a win-win. 
Visit RentMy.com/sign-up to get started today.

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