A conservatory should be the perfect place to relax or entertain while providing a link to the outside and your garden. 
That’s because many existing conservatories get way too hot in the summer months and are freezing cold in the winter due to their glass or polycarbonate roofs. 
According to Steve Rawding, Sales and Marketing Director at leading South East home improvement company SEH BAC: “An old conservatory can become a useable space all year round is a modern rood upgrade. “A conservatory is a wonderful extra space for a home, but the extreme temperatures mean they are only useable for a few weeks of the year, the rest of the time they either sit dormant or are used as a glorified storeroom, which is a shame,” said Steve. 
“The problem with polycarbonate conservatory roofs is they are inefficient and noisy, while old glass roofs can make the inside feel like a greenhouse. 
“Your conservatory will be the perfect temperature all year round, meaning you can enjoy it 365 days a year. It will soon become your favourite room in the house.” 
Replacement conservatory roof systems have significantly developed, using modern manufacturing techniques and exceptionally durable materials. 
“All modern conservatory roofs now offer superb efficiency, so the choice depends on the look you want,” added Steve. 
“With high-performance glass, only the right amount of sun can enter your conservatory in the summer, which means coupled with ventilation it creates a fantastic additional room. While in the winter it will be flooded with natural light and heat that will be retained. 
“With a tiled roof, you can match it to the rest of your home, so it feels like a natural extension, while a solid roof is made up of solid and glazed panels, giving you the best of both worlds.” 
With more than 50 years’ experience installing to homes in the South East, SEH BAC offers a range of high-performance roof options that can be customised to complement a home’s existing character and provide industry-leading levels of energy efficiency to help save money on heating bills. 
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