Theatre Centre has announced the cast and creatives for the UK tour of Human Nurture by Alfred Fagon Award-shortlisted writer Ryan Calais-Cameron.
Exploring race, privilege, allyship and masculinity, Human Nurture tells the story of two ‘could-be’ brothers whose lives are cleaved when one is rehomed and the other is left behind in the care system. The production is directed by Theatre Centre’s critically acclaimed Artistic Director, Rob Watt. In order to ensure that Human Nurture is as authentic as possible, Theatre Centre has worked with Ryan and many young people from across the country to explore the themes of race and class found in the play. Having grown up in care together, Roger and Harry’s bond is so strong they’re like brothers. 
They share everything, food, music, and even dreams – everything except their race. Roger is black and Harry is white; it’s never mattered to them but when Roger is fostered and Harry remains in care the boys grow apart and, in different cities and at opposite ends of the UK’s social spectrum, these differences come to the fore. Roger begins to connect with his cultural roots, while Harry falls into a crowd that are openly racist. Human Nurture unpicks how exclusion and socioeconomic context can affect worldviews and relationships. 
Writer Ryan Calais-Cameron commented, “With Human Nurture I really want us to collectively explore the reality of questions/statements that felt like a huge contradiction throughout my life and the lives of so many Black people that have been brought up in the UK, especially now whilst there is so much attention on Black lives mattering.” 
Theatre Centre is a national touring company that makes bold and relevant shows with and for young people and Human Nurture comes to Colchesters Mercury Theatre, Balkerne Gate, Colchester, CO1 1PT on 25th and 26th February 2022.
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